About This Blog

We like smelling good. We want to help you smell good too.

Barrister and Mann created Barrister’s Reserve as the ultimate aftershave treatment, a product that can help treat razor burn, relieve redness, and stop ingrown hairs by preventing the problems that start them. But, even more importantly, we captured the scents of days gone by, used by our fathers and grandfathers. Things that THEY used to smell good.

There are other scents, though! Other colognes and fragrances! And that’s what this blog is about. We review modern, easily accessible fragrances, things you can find in places like Macy’s and Sephora. All about their history, what they smell like, when you can/should wear them, and whether they’re really worth the price. Sometimes, we talk about ingredients (because, really, nobody seems to talk about fragrance ingredients enough these days).

Want to know what a fougère is? Why no one uses real oakmoss anymore? What scent made Steve McQueen draw in tons of lady friends? Keep your eyes open. We’re here to help.

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